Company Introduction

THHINK Wireless Technologies Ltd was founded in 2009 after more than a decade of research and development in wireless and energy harvesting technologies. The vision of THHINK is to create innovative technology solutions for ubiquitous sensing and computing to achieve a more efficient, interconnected and environmentally sound future.

We are experts in the development of robust, ultra-low power embedded wireless sensors, energy harvesting and custom platforms for diagnostics, condition/health monitoring, telemetry and control.

We are leaders in the development of innovative new products for applications in the aerospace, marine, automotive, rail and agricultural sectors. THHINK engineers have many years experience providing innovative research and products for Formula 1 Racing, Airbus, Rolls-Royce, NASA, the Olympics and the MoD.

THHINK are on an Expert Advisory Panel to the European Commission on Wireless Control and on the UKs Energy Harvesting Steering Group and Thermoelectric Industrial Advisory Group.

What We Do

  • Strategic monitoring of remote assets, equipment and environments
  • Wireless data acquisition over a range of operating distances
  • Energy harvesting/scavenging for efficient remote power provision
  • Wireless sensing hardware
  • Monitoring software
  • Scientific data analytics
  • Applications engineering and design expertise
  • Design, development and experiments
  • Proof-of-concept and business case trade studies
  • Forward future concepts research

THHINK Wireless Technologies Japan Ltd

THHINK Wireless Technologies Japan was founded in 2012. THHINK Japan performs research and development into advanced micro-generator technologies for the company. This technology is seen as the key to providing widescale deployment of vibration harvesting with small, lightweight packages that can be used in a multitude of mass market applications. In 2012, the company established a Research Lab in Tokyo University to develop micro-generator powered wireless sensors.


Yutaka Hattori and Haydn Thompson, Managing Directors of THHINK Japan and THHINK UK


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