Through many years of R&D experience with leading companies, THHINK has developed exceptional expertise in the field of advanced sensing, remote condition monitoring, wireless data acquisition and telemetry information systems. Our innovative solutions include self-powered energy harvesting technologies as well as optimal battery and power management systems that enable efficient and dependable operation.

We are able to provide core energy harvesting systems, wireless sensor solutions as well as complete remote monitoring systems. Different applications will require different innovative solutions depending on sampling requirements, data throughout and the wireless radio environment in which the system components are required to operate.

The availability of various energy sources - whether thermal (heat), vibration, solar, RF-powered or rechargeable battery - are factors considered in the design for optimal self-powered operation. A whole range of wireless solutions - from ultra-low powered networks to embedded WLAN and cellular GSM/GPRS/3G - are leveraged to reliably monitor your assets, equipment and operating environments.

THHINK prides itself on its applications expertise that allows our company to design and deliver the right solution to suit your specific monitoring problem. We can provide consultancy to solve your problem or we can provide a full turnkey working solution. Our technology solutions are built up from proven capability in various demanding applications and we have a number of in-house technologies available in terms of micro-thermal energy harvesters, micro-vibration energy generators, solar harvesters and specialist-designed high-efficiency power management circuitry.

A key goal of the company is to provide "the right data to the right person at the right place and right time".

THHINK Sensors

The company provides a range of innovative sensing solutions that optimises 'SWaP' requirements for Size, Weight and Power. Sensor and sensor network solutions are available to cover a range of parameters such as:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Vibration
  • Shock
  • Strain
  • Flex
  • Current
  • Position & orientation, tilt
  • Environmental parameters
  • Water level
  • Soil moisture
  • GPS location
  • etc.
The extensive applications experience of the company allows us to provide the right solution for your needs with high performance and low cost.

THHINK Dataloggers

THHINK can provide a range of ultra low power datalogging solutions that can be tailored to your needs. We provide rugged solutions with typically a 2mW average power consumption. This means that the units can operate for very long periods on battery technology and also can be powered by energy harvesting solutions.

We provide up to 6 channels of 12-bit logging capability in our standard units with a range of digital interfaces including CAN. Data is stored on SD or MicroSD card technologies so memory capacity can be easily expanded. Higher bit-depth and increased channel count can be made available upon request.We are happy to provide tailored versions of our units for customers.

The THHINK single channel logger can be used to record a range of data inputs from temperature to vibration and again has very low power consumption making energy harvesting operation possible.

Precision Agriculture Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is being used to great effect in agriculture to improve yield and to intelligently monitor and control the consumption of scarce resources in irrigation systems. Increased pollution is also driving the need for monitoring in cities. THHINK's solar powered environmental monitoring systems provide a cost effective and low maintenance solution that can be widely used. THHINK are working with the UNAM Mexico and NASA to provide environmental monitoring systems in a number of sites in Mexico.

These systems have been designed for agricultural and scientific monitoring of temperature, relative humidity and soil moisture. These dataloggers typically consume less than 0.5mW of power allowing them to be powered by very small solar panels.

Wireless Interfaces

A multitude of monitoring applications require gathering of additional data on the health of key components within the system. Typically, information on temperatures (indicating impending failure from frictional wear), vibration indicating failure of bearings or imbalance and pressure (indicating blockage, leakage or significant loss of coolant/oil) are monitored. In many cases the addition of sensors to monitor these parameters is difficult due to the installation costs and time to wire up the monitoring system. The use of wireless sensors thus allows very fast and low cost installation of monitoring to new systems and retrofit of monitoring to existing systems. Sophisticated networks of sensors can be installed very quickly without the need for extensive wiring

The company can provide a range of wireless interfaces dependent upon application. For short range communications (up to 100m) THHINK can provide ultra low power RF technologies working at 2.4GHz, 900MHz and 433MHz and low power embedded Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interfaces.

For longer range communication the company can provide links that allow communication over a kilometre and for integration into existing Mobile Phone networks the company provides GSM interfaces allowing you to remotely access your data wherever you are.


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